This page indentifies Clients that support Veterans through a working relationship with MEE Consulting Inc.
  1. Description Title
    Areva Canada
  2. Description Title
    Bruce Power
  3. Description Title
  4. Description Title
    Burry's Shipyard Inc.
  5. Description Title
    MTB Transit Solutions
  6. Description Title
    The Dymond Group
  1. Dymond Aerospace
    Dymond Aerospace
  2. Description Title
  3. Description Title
  4. Description Title
    Best Built Garages
  5. Description Title
    Dymond Global Solutions
  6. Description Title
    TDG Consultants
  1. Wrechhouse Energy
    Wreckhouse Energy
  2. Description Title
    Averro Robotics & Technoogy Inc.
  3. Description Title
    PAL Aerospace


Vets2PM helps military Veterans become Project Managers

Many of today's transitioning military Members, Veterans and Retirees (“Veterans”) face untenable unemployment and underemployment, even though many of them have project management experience, talent, and skills.

A career in project management is meaningful, lucrative, and leverages their relevant experience, talent, and skills. However, the military complex, the industry, the profession, and most Veterans do not realize this, so the problem persists.

As a social need-driven company, Vets2PM is the first mover into the Veteran to Project Manager space (i.e. Vets2PM) - informing, educating, training, preparing, and placing Veterans as experienced, credentialed, professional project managers.

Please visit to learn more, and join us each Monday night from 7-9PM EST as we walk transitioning Veterans through the process to enter the CIVDIV as PMs.

You can register at